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Name: Katy
Other characters: Nesir Aeser (Pruna)

Name: Shion
Fandom: No. 6 (novel)
Canon point/AU: Post novel (after Yomings exile in the additional chapters)
Journal: [personal profile] savedbyasong
PB: Shion's anime icons (the only difference in the novel is that his eyes are purple/black instead of red)
History: Here

Presentation: To the world Shion comes across as a kind hearted boy, a little naive though that is slowly changing. Shion grew up as an elite and his experiences as one, and his feelings about the fact now colour his personality a lot. He grew up in luxury, knowing nothing about the lives of others in his own city never mind those outside of it.

He feels guilty for that and it is very obvious in his actions. He is forever trying to make up for the fact. Learning the truth about Nezumi's people and their fate only furthered this self hate and though Nezumi told him it wasn't his fault Shion is unable to forgive himself for the fact that when he was four he was living in safety and plenty whilst Nezumi's people were hunted.

He comes across as naive and unknowing of how the world works, this is somewhat true though after everything that happens in the correctional facility it is no longer a question of naivety. Instead it is idealism, he has learned about the corruption and horror of the world and yet still believes humans are worth fighting for. Would still help others, even if they turned around and betrayed him.

In Shion's case though naive is not stupid, Shion is a genius. The reason he was an elite is because he was tested to have a very high IQ when he was two. At the age of twelve he treated Nezumi's bullet wound despite never having seen a gun or a bullet before in his life and was about to enter the special program, schooling for the very brightest.

However this intellect is limited to facts, maths and science. He knows nothing of the arts; literature and arts are banned in No. 6. He knows nothing out of the strictly controlled curriculum, though during his time in West town he devoured Shakespeare and discovered a love for reading.

Shion is kind, indeed he is perhaps too kind. He will always to the most immediate most compassionate thing, even if it has bad consequences. For example he lets himself be robbed by street children because they were hungry, not processing the fact that they would still be hungry the next day, that Nezumi had lost his hard earned money etc. Similarly he will not hesitate to put himself at risk.

He has little knowledge about fighting, what he knows is intellectual or taught to him by Nezumi. He has killed before, something that hit him very hard emotionally. However for the most part he is not violent, violence is a last resort. He doesn't believe in torture and believes that people will do the right thing, unforced.

He gets on quite well with others, is kind to them though through his childhood he only had one friend; Safu, who he risks everything to save. Nezumi appeared in his life when he was twelve, he helped him without question. Not even asking his name, not being scared when Nezumi attacked him. He believes he owes Nezumi everything, for taking him out of No. 6, saving his life, making him see the truth. He claims that without Nezumi he would have grown up to be a mindless obedient adult, never knowing what it was like to starve, or hate, or love.

At the point where he is pulled from he has just been given a huge job, he is to remake the destroyed No. 6, create a kinder more compassionate city that is equal and fair. It is a last chance, if the city falls into corruption again Elyurias (an ancient goddess) will destroy them all. He has taken on the responsibility and dealing with the connotations of that, and Nezumi's departure. It is taking a toll on him; his mother comments that he rarely smiles and often forgets to eat.

His latest act was to exile Yoming, someone who had embezzled funds from No. 6, and then acted as a hero to bring the government down. He did this ruthlessly, dismissing worries among the other committee members that he was a naive young boy.

Motivations: Inside Shion is still the same, he is still kind hearted, intelligent, a little naive. Still struggling with the fact he was an elite, though he holds more self hatred than shows on the surface.

Outwardly he claims that it was Nezumi that dragged him from a life as a mindless No. 6 worker, but truthfully Shion always felt a deep unease about the city he lived in. Always felt stifled even when he lived in luxury with his mother. It was that more than anything that led him to opening his window in a hurricane the night of his twelfth birthday and screaming. An act which drew Nezumi to him, and changed his life forever.

There is darkness in Shion. Nezumi can see it and often claims that he is scared of him, of what he can become. Shion feels that darkness in himself as well.

He sometimes looses control, mostly if Nezumi is threatened. Shion almost throttles a guy for calling Nezumi a prostitute, strangles another man for hitting Nezumi and kills to protect him. Kills in complete cold blood, injuring first, demanding answers, before killing the man who stabbed Nezumi.

This darkness scares Shion, he can barely live with himself after killing and it is only Nezumi who manages to bring him back to himself, forcing him to keep going. He is very much eaten by guilt, both for killing and for failing to save Safu. Though deep down he knows that the moment she was taken she was lost he will still always blame himself for putting her in danger in the first place.

Out of everything it is Nezumi who motivates most of what Shion does, he can make himself move even when terrified because Nezumi would sneer at him for be week, he can keep going when there is no hope in order to save Nezumi. He can kill to protect him, he can take on the job of changing a city to appease Nezumi's goddess.

Shion is a lot stronger than he seems, not physically but mentally. He survives the parasite bee, only the second known person to do so. Nezumi cuts the larvae out, with no pain control or anesthetic. The pain it puts him through is indescribable and yet he survives.

He is afraid of a lot of things, he often zones out when he is unable to cope and it often takes physical shaking to snap him out of it. But he faces his fears and despite them he manages to save No. 6.

He is also more intelligent than he might seem, though that is more an issue of others perception rather than him hiding something. He remembers everything, is able to memorise the map of the correctional facility easily. He remembers odd details about people, in almost stalker detail though he just does it as a matter of course. He is clever enough to fake details of Yomings dealings as proof used to exile him; proof of both the darkness he holds and also how power can begin to corrupt people and through it he wonders just what he is doing, and what he will become if he carries down this route.

Above all though his kindness is deeper than it seems, he goes to great lengths to help people, risks his life without thought and at times is only stopped by Nezumi. However because of his lack of fighting ability he often gets into the situation where he has to be rescued by the person he set out to rescue.

But he tries.

Thread: here also here

Prose: 200 word minimum. To mimic the spirit of capriciousness within this game, please write your third person sample based on the following prompt:

Shion looked around with wide, unnaturally purple eyes as the door shut behind him. He had absolutely no idea what had happened except that one moment he had been safe at home, a long to do list of what needed to be done the next day running through his head, and the next he had been in a room, with people talking about a death match and him participating.

He wasn't in No. 6 anymore that was for certain.

He looked around, at the people who seemed to be mostly ignoring him and then at the equipment. He had no idea how to use any of this, he only had vague ideas of what most of this even was from the books he had read.

The only thing he could use was a gun and that had been mostly hoping for the best...

And he had hoped never to have to use one again. He could still feel his finger round the trigger, and the sound of shooting still haunted his nightmares.

He looked up sadly, and wondered if they would even notice if he just stood there. Those that had brought him had told him to impress, but he had no idea how. And he didn't know if he wanted to.

"Um... I'm not sure what to show you, I don't really know how to fight. I can sew up wounds though, not that there are any here to show you how. I don't really know much else, I mean I don't think I'm really the sort of person you want, I'm pretty useless. Mostly useless... A complete air head really." He could imagine Nezumi laughing at him as he spoke.

He shrugged, "Anyways I have a job to do... and I don't know where I am but I'm not going to be any use to you, so please send me back."

It didn't really surprise him to be ignored, but he had tried at least. He stood for a few more moments and then demonstrated some knot tying, and identified a few poisonous plants.

He didn't think he had impressed them at all.

What is your character scored: 3
Shion doesn't have any fighting ability, he is physically not very fit (though he is improving) and though in his time in West Town he becomes used to hardship he doesn't know how to face it alone. He trusts too easily and doesn't hesitate to jump in danger for others.

On the flip side his intelligence will help him, he will be able to memorise patterns. He has also proved himself able to go through horror and keep going. Getting through the correctional facility was awful, everything he knew about the world was shattered, he saw more death than ever before, he had to become more than he ever thought possible. Yet he managed and proved that despite all appearances, and evidence to the contrary he is a very tough soul under all of the derp. He also has working medical knowledge and knows an awful lot about plants, which will hopefully help him find food..

Hence why I went with 3 instead of 2.


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