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27 gummy worms (3 covered in blood) He dissected two and used about eight to try and throw at Xion - gave two to shadow, gave the three blood covered to shadow, gave four more to the shadow (8)
7 chocolate bars He used two of these to leave on other floors (5)
7 candy pumpkins He ate one and the shadow knocked one away (5)
3 candy bloodbags He emptied one outside of the pot to see if it would disappear and a shadow child knocked one to the floor, gave one to shadow child (0)
1 cherry lollipop (1)
5 chocolate roses He put two in his sauna locker (3)
3 peppermints (3)
1 blue rhaspberry lollipop he put this in his trunk (0)
3 peanut butter cup He tried to feed one to Xion (2)
1 bag of caramel popcorn He used this to throw at Xion (0)
2 jelly beans - one knocked away by shadow (1)
3 piece of saltwater taffy he left one on the bedside table (2)
11 pieces of candy corn He left six of these on various floors (5)
1 candy eye - thrown to floor by shadow child (0)
1 piece of pink cotton candy (1)
2 lemon lollipops (2)
1 life saver - shadow knocked one away (0)
2 jelly raspberries - gave one to the shadow on day one (1)
1 strawberry lollipop (1)
1 gummy fish He cut this in half and left half in the bowl and half outside - half was knocked away by shadow (0)
1 small bag of pink cotton candy (1)

Given to Reno

29 gummy worms
11 chocolate bars
9 candy pumpkins
6 candy bloodbags
4 lemon lollipops
3 strawberry lollipops
5 chocolate roses
5 peppermints
1 blue rhaspberry lollipop
1 pack of ten pieces of gum
3 peanut butter cup
1 bag of caramel popcorn
3 jelly beans
4 piece of saltwater taffy
13 pieces of candy corn
1 candy eye
1 piece of pink cotton candy
1 life saver
2 jelly raspberries
1 jelly blackberry
1 cherry lollipop
1 small bag of pink cotton candy
1 gummy fish
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