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Name: Katy
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Name: Shion
Age: 16
Subject taught: N/A
Canon: No. 6 (Novel verse)
Canon point: After Volume 7, chapter 4: Are you sad?

Deep in his heart Shion always knew there was something wrong about No.6, the city in which he lived. His underlying frustration in his otherwise perfect life as an elite citizen caused him to open the window in a hurricane on the night of his twelfth birthday and scream out into the night; an act that changed his life forever.

Shion can be described as an idealist who, even after learning of the corruption and horror of the world, still believes human's are worth fighting for. All humans are equal, this is his key belief, he does not agree with polar extremes, does not agree with Nezumi's 'them' and 'us' stance. He seeks a middle way and tries to bring about equality whilst saving as many as he can.

Shion is friendly to everyone and trusts people easily, even when he definitely shouldn't. At the age of twelve he takes Nezumi in without even asking his name. Even when he finds out Nezumi is an escaped prisoner, against all social conditioning, his response is to offer the boy his supper. His only regret afterwards is that the punishment hurt his mother also. He is the kind of person who names Robot rats, reads to small children and offers them soup when they are hungry.

He won’t hesitate to help anybody even when it puts his own life in danger. He tends to take the immediately compassionate route, not thinking about the effects of his actions. This means he does things that will cause trouble in the long-term even while helping in the short-term.

Shion has a very high IQ, at the age of two he was tested and given the right to live in Chronos; the elite district, he attended the best schools. When he was twelve he was getting ready to enter the special program for the brightest minds. He knows enough medical procedure to treat a bullet wound; at the age of twelve! He does this with glee happy to be able to use his skills.

However his intellect and knowledge is limited to facts, data, scientific knowledge; things that can be summed up in numbers. Until he goes to the West Town he has no knowledge of the arts, of literature, of anything outside the strictly controlled curriculum of No. 6. He discovers a passion for reading and makes his way through many of Shakespeare’s works and the classics.

Shion has little or no knowledge about fighting. He has been taught how to run away from danger by Nezumi; but he isn't even very good at that. This does not stop him trying to help other people, he acts before he thinks and so can end up in situations where he needs to be rescued by the person he set out to rescue.

Usually Shion is not violent and only believes in violence as a last resort. He does not believe in torture and believes that when given the choice people will chose to do the right thing, without being forced. He prefers to talk to people, attempt to reason with them and ask their help rather than resorting to fear and pain.

He tries to be peaceful always... Because he is a gentle person. However from the moment him and Nezumi are taken by the hunt he changes, or more another facet of his personality comes to the surface. Though his kindness and extraordinary ability to always put others ahead of himself no matter how hard he is breaking is still there; he saves the baby in West Town despite being terrified, he constantly is able to check that Nezumi is still alright, even breaking out of a complete breakdown because Nezumi is crying.

However, what he sees and what he does brings out a much darker part of Shion, a side that will not hesitate to hurt or kill to protect his friends. A desperate side, whose idea of compassion includes giving people a quick death when they are suffering.

At the point Shion is now from he has just killed someone; showing he is capable of killing merclessly and without emotion. Though once he realised what he had done he was very disturbed by himself. But he was able to move past that, because he put aside his own pain because of Nezumi's tears. Nezumi told him to shoulder the burden and that is what he did. He is driven and determined to finish their mission.

As a quick note, contrary to his icons the Shion in Rakuen as he is from the novel has purple eyes that look almost black sometimes.

Name: Vespa

Form: A surgical needle (syringe)

  • Beserk
  • Regen
  • Immunity to poison
  • Confusion
  • Form change (changes to a handgun)

Lost memories:
  • That he was infected by a parasite bee
  • That Nezumi plays the female roles in Shakespeare plays
  • All the works of Shakespeare he's ever read
  • The nicknames he gave the cleaning robots
  • How to make cherry pie
  • The smell of his mums baking
  • The names of the two children he read to in the West Town
  • How many mice Nezumi has
  • The specifics of his life before he met Nezumi
  • The name of the man he killed

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