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Reno CR

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Reno (OU): Shion's roommate. When Reno first arrived they spoke, Shion told him that they couldn't escape and they didn't know where their kidnappers were. Also about multiple universes, Reno told him a bit about his world which had meteors trying to crash into it. Also something called lifestream which stopped the meteor.

The infirmary changed both their collars from Orange to Violet, they both became locked in their bodies unable to move. After trying to work out what was happening, and wondering what the scientists or kidnappers or whatever they are could gain from this Shion started to panic believing he was going to die again, and worse that they would die and come back and still no be able to move and die again.

Reno made Shion talk about earth until he calmed down, Shion told him about the cities. Once they were back to normal Reno taught Shion how to play video games. He told Shion he had worried him and Shion apologised. At the friendship affirmation party Reno sent him on a mission to go mingle and return with cookies.

However a few days later whilst Reno was out the room and Shion was tidying up he found Reno's journal, reading it he learned about Reno's past. Reno caught him and was angry, as well as afraid that Shion would tell someone. He said that he couldn't trust Shion not to tell anyone. Shion asked why he had done what he had, Reno told him it was better to kill a few people if it kept more people alive. Shion disagreed and Reno asked whether he even knew how to hate, before leaving a very confused Shion in the room.

Almost two weeks of confusion and awkward none conversations later Reno disappeared for a few days, worried Shion went to look for him and found him in the cafeteria, stuck up a column, hunted by archravens. Shion ran towards the raven trying to distract it so that Reno could climb down and escape. Reno ended up pulling Shion from the cathedral and was angry he had endangered himself.

Shion dragged him back to their room so he could bandage his injured arm ignoring the fact Reno thought he shouldn't have saved him. Reno was grumpy about Shion fussing over him and so Shion went to get food for him; but Reno was asleep before he returned.

A few days later in the library Shion showed Reno the tower guide, Reno asked if it was true that they couldn't die in the tower and Shion told him it was. He started to panic, because he didn't understand it and death was terrifying. He told Reno he had died four times. Reno told him he had to stop being so scared since he had seen him with the raven and knew how brave he was. He then decided to train Shion.

Shion agreed reluctantly though he was glad for the chance to be more than just a burden to others, Reno began hitting him to make him concentrate and not go off in a daze. It worked and Shion calmed down. Reno wrote a post on the network with weird numbers that Shion thought was some kind of other world maths. It turned out the symbols were substituting letters, Shion thought it was overly complicated but agreed to learn how. Because Reno thought it was hilarious. It turned out to be fun.

When other Reno arrived Reno got exasperated at Shion's worry and tried to make him concentrate. Shion finally calmed enough to remember when the earliest posts on the network were.

After Shion's punishment after the labyrinth Reno tried to help him; he tried to convince him it hadn't been Nezumi that they had been killing and that it hadn't been Shion's fault. Shion didn't believe either. He told Shion it had been his fault for leaving the book out and that Shion had saved him.

He tried his best to help broken Shion, telling him that despite the fact Shion believed Nezumi had been punished for his sins it had been Shion who had been hurt because pain was more than physical. He told him about how he had dealt with sector seven. However Shion was too broken, he didn't know how to deal with the fact his punishment had been broadcast.

He wouldn't believe that it hadn't been Nezumi but was scared when Reno said humans didn't die and come back, he started to doubt his humanity. (Reno was trying really hard, Shion was just so broken). Reno told him that if he wanted to be a person Nezumi would be proud of he had to trust him, Shion told him he did.

Then Reno disappeared, Shion finally left his room to try and find him, he failed and ended up in the library where he tried to read all the books ever so that he could learn more; know more. So that no one could ever hurt Nezumi because of his ignorance again.

He learned that Reno had gone to his dead world but didn't want to speak about it, instead Reno told him off for not wearing shoes and not having eaten since he left. Shion refused to go and eat, he wanted to read. After shouting at him Reno picked him up, took him down to floor seven and threw him in the pool. Only up to his chest, Shion was ashamed that he had upset him and was being a burden.

The day after Reno left him a note on his pillow to tell him to turn up to the meadow for training. When Shion got there he asked Shion why he was there, Shion said to train and Reno asked him why he wanted to train, why he wanted to fight.

Shion told him that he wanted to protect people, that he didn't want anyone to be hurt again. Reno punched him and Shion blocked, then Reno told him he had been moved up in training. Then Xion turned up and Reno made them both run laps.

For a week things were alright, training and studying but then Reno was there when they went for their collar checkup and Shion went crazy, Shion kicked him when Reno tried to stop him killing the workers yet Shion died anyways.

The next day Reno was waiting for him when Shion woke up, he told him he didn't get the luxury of tears, that he had to stop being a burden, he screamed at him telling him to grow a spine and get control. He spilled to Shion all the things he had lost and hadn't been able to save. He gave Shion a Turk pin and told him it was a promise, a chance to make something of himself and he could either take it or Reno would cut him off.

Not being able to even fathom Reno being angry at him forever or casting him off Shion accepted it and became a Turk. Then the new Turkling rookie cried on Reno until all his tears ran out.

In early June Reno offered Xion a pin as well, after Axel disappeared. Then they foraged for food, Shion taught Reno about mushrooms and Reno encouraged him to write down his findings, which Shion did. He lent Shion his spare EMR since there was no light. He set up a meeting of Turks. He was part of Ganondorf's attempt to take over the control room, he forbid Xion and Shion from following him and then died. Xion and Shion were furious and attacked him with hugs when he woke. They tried to organise and find out what had happened and get him food but he ordered them on vacation; and taught them how to play poker with home made cards that he showed Shion how to make. His world apparently had creatures that didn't exist in Shion's world but did in Xion's.

When Shion returned from his dead world he tackle hugged Reno again; Reno reminded him it wasn't his fault his world was gone and told him to live for the people he had lost, then told him they were going to train.

During training one day Reno brought weights, Shion could barely life them and Reno was disappointed. He told Shion to do thirty push ups, and thirty when he woke up, and before dinner, and whenever he wanted to use the computers or go to the library. Shion didn't want to disappoint him more so did his best. Then Reno told him swimming was next and that Rusty would teach him.

Shion said he didn't want to bother him but Reno reassured him that he would never give up a chance to pester rookies and told him to go do laps. Shion stepped in in the fellowship when Reno got angry.

Then people began falling unconcious, Reno was annoyed that they couldn't help Xion. Shion couldn't find anything wrong and suggested asking Hojo; he explained he was one of his friends and that he had helped him in the infirmary. Reno was furious and explained exactly who Hojo was; the person from his journal. Shion had a breakdown since he had trusted him and left him with injured people. Reno made him calm down and gave him the task of learning from him whilst gaining information; his first mission. Shion agreed to it since he knew Reno was always there for him and would help him.

Then Tseng went down, Reno said he didn't think it was Jason and co because of the lack of notes or instructions. Shion thought it could be a disease, Reno said it could be another prisoner and suggested they only ate what they made themselves. Shion agreed but wasn't sure it was poison. He disappeared again just before the whale attacked.

When he reappeared he got another round of tackle hugs off the Turklings. They filled him in on what had happened and they told him about Vanitas attacking Xion. Shion told him not to blame himself, because they should have learned more and Shion should have protected Xion better. They told him about the whale attack and that they had both survived thanks to Elena. Reno checked their injuries and told them they should learn more first aid.

Later when Xion wasn't there Shion told him about the two times he had died and made him promise not to tell Xion, he told him about the strange effects that had happened when he had died this time. Reno warned him that their captors were probably playing a deeper game then they could work out and that there was probably a reason they were there. He tasked Shion with working it out, telling him to gather all the information he could. Shion accepted the mission.

When their fourth roommate arrived Reno was being grumpy so Shion welcomed him with the help of Elian, he was worried about Reno though.

Then Reno got put in Ganondorf's body, when Shion found out he promised to hide Reno's journal and Reno told him to keep an eye on Ganondorf. He went crazy with power near the end and Shion got Legion to help complete the swap.

Later Reno got tortured by Ganondorf and Shion went to get revenge, stealing Elina's gun. He was grabbed by floor masters and landed on Reno covered in blood. Reno told him off for going after Ganondorf and told him he had to calm down, stop throwing himself in danger because he couldn't handle it. Shion was angry and didn't listen. Reno told him Turk's followed orders.

The anger eventually left and Shion was horrified and worried that Reno would send him away. But he didn't, he just told him not to cry and lent him some clothes, and stepped up his training teaching him pressure points.

After the October games Reno walked in on Shion and Rat arguing and kissing. Rat threatened Reno, Reno told him off for messing with Shion's emotions and asked if Shion remembered the pin moves he had taught him.

And then Xion arrived. Shion couldn't even contemplate hurting Rat, Rat was generally rude to everyone. Reno told Rat that even if Shion was not his Shion he was still a Shion and that was all that mattered.

Xion piped in letting him know that it had happened to her too and you could be friends with people from similar worlds, Shion told him that he was sure all Shion's were airheads. Rat said he'd rather be thrown across the room and Reno suggested leaving him be so he could figure it out himself.

After that Reno was very quiet and evasive, things had gotten too much for him and Shion worried about him. He took him some curry, because he wasn't eating and Reno teased him about his love problems. Shion denied having them and Reno told him that he did, and that it wasn't fair how Rat treated him. Shion argued that there was nothing wrong with it and that Reno just didn't understand what Rat had been through and how Nezumi had saved him completely.

Reno wasn't too impressed with Shion's love struck teenageness. Shion wanted to become someone Rat would be proud of, Reno told him that he should be someone he himself could be proud of, Shion didn't think he was a good enough judge for that.

During the translation crisis they tried to talk over the network but for obvious reasons it didn't really work.

When Shion was opening the clinic he came to where Shion was talking on the terminal. He said he'd leave some of the undrinkable alcohol for medical reasons. Shion wondered if he would be able to keep an eye on Hojo and make sure no one got hurt. Reno told him not to worry and even he made mistakes. Shion claimed he never messed up and Reno was surprised since Shion had read his journal.

Shion told him that that was all when he was young and he made no mistakes now, Reno told him he felt it was his fault that Xion and Elena had been hurt by Ganondorf, and told Shion to ask Riku about Reno's mistakes. Shion tried to push for answers and Reno told him he had changed, which Shion figured was Reno's doing anyways.

He and Reno walked in on their roommate and his friend, thinking their roommate was in danger they interfered and made Aya angry. Reno saved Shion though and calmed the situation, offering help.

During December Reno got sick and went to Ganondorf to ask to be cured. In the meantime Shion had spoken to Riku who told him that Reno was working for Ganondorf, Shion then read Reno's latest journal entries, put two and two together and got five, and went to confront him. He got there just in time to hear Reno call Ganondorf boss.

Shion leaped out and attacked Ganondorf, Ganondorf picked him up by the throat and Reno broke through his brainwashing to attack Ganondorf. However Ganondorf soon had control again and ordered Reno to deal with him. Shion realised they had been betrayed, that Reno had betrayed them all and attacked him. Reno didn't want to fight back but did so and Shion strangled him, in the end Reno managed to break through his brainwashing and let Shion kill him.

Shion was broken and began killing himself as an experiment to test what would happen. Reno found out and waited for him when he woke up and pinned him. They talked, Reno demanding to know what Ganondorf had said and telling Shion that he had been brainwashed and that Shion had saved him. Shion was surprised and torn since he had hurt Reno, but saved him at the same time.

Reno told him off for experimenting and told him that he couldn't turn out like Hojo, Shion had a bit more of a breakdown Reno tried to convince him he wasn't a monster. Reno told him that Turks were just broken people and that Shion would be fine and nothing would happen to him while Reno was there.

Then Reno proposed to Elena, Xon accidentally spilled the beans on the network and after a run in with Sephiroth Reno was upset and angry. Shion went to talk to him and Reno told him he had doubts about the marriage, because it was stupid to try for something permanent in a world where nothing stayed the same. That if they disappeared they would break each others hearts. Shion told him that people died back in their own worlds yet people still got married and that life rarely turned out how you expected. None of them had asked for this but they had gotten it and so they should try and make the best of it.

Reno told him he had taught him so well, and he would be really something when he grew up, maybe the best of them all.

Reno attempted a practice bake for the wedding and ended up making a huge mess, Shion went to help him. Reno wanted to make a cake his mother used to make, and told Shion it had butter in it. Which narrowed it down. He also got flour all over Shion. Shion flicked flour at him and asked for more details. Reno told him it was a chocolate cake, and threw flour at him, this descended into a flour fight.

But then Reno threw the batter at him by accident, Shion dived at him to get the batter on him as well. Reno told him he fought dirty and Shion told him it was his own fault. Reno told him he was a good kid, which upset Shion.

He destroyed the decorations because of Mello's network post and then hid in the forest for a few days, Shion was scared he wouldn't show to the wedding but he did. He asked Shion where Axel was before the wedding and told him not to be nervous even though he himself looked like he was going to his death.

His question made sense once the ceremony started as he and Axel swapped places, Reno grabbed Shion and covered his mouth so he wouldn't speak. Luckily Elena didn't murder him.

However Ganondorf attacked Ruana and Zo and spoiled the day, Reno shouted at him and threw a crystal at Ruana. He was very upset and Shion tried to help him. In February he disappeared for a few weeks and came back to find Xion in his bed because she was injured.

However his return was a brief one because not a week after he returned he vanished again. This time forever.


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