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Character Information

Character Name: Shion
Character Series: No. 6
Character Age: 16 17

Canon Point: After the cave scene where Nezumi sings Elyuria's song for the first time.

Personality: Deep in his heart Shion always knew there was something wrong about No.6, the city in which he lived. His underlying frustration in his otherwise perfect life as an elite citizen caused him to open the window in a hurricane on the night of his twelfth birthday and scream out into the night; an act that changed his life forever.

Shion can be described as an idealist who, even after learning of the corruption and horror of the world, still believes human's are worth fighting for. All humans are equal, this is his key belief, he does not agree with polar extremes, does not agree with Rat's 'them' and 'us' stance. He seeks a middle way and tries to bring about equality whilst saving as many as he can.

Shion is friendly to everyone and trusts people easily, even when he definitly shouldn't. At the age of twelve he takes Rat in without even asking his name. Even when he finds out Rat is an escaped prisoner, against all social conditioning, his response is to offer the boy his supper. His only regret afterwards is that the punishment hurt his mother also. He is the kind of person who names Robot rats, reads to small children and offers them soup when they are hungry.

He won’t hesitate to help anybody even when it puts his own life in danger. He tends to take the immediately compassionate route, not thinking about the effects of his actions. This means he does things that will cause trouble in the long-term even while helping in the short-term.

Shion has a very high IQ, at the age of two he was tested and given the right to live in Chronos; the elite district, he attended the best schools. When he was twelve he was getting ready to enter the special program for the brightest minds. He knows enough medical procedure to treat a bullet wound; at the age of twelve! He does this with glee happy to be able to use his skills.

However his intellect and knowledge is limited to facts, data, scientific knowledge; things that can be summed up in numbers. Until he goes to the West Town he has no knowledge of the arts, of literature, of anything outside the strictly controlled curriculum of No. 6. He discovers a passion for reading and makes his way through many of Shakespeare’s works and the classics.

Shion has a basic knowledge of pressure points and basic self-defence but it has rarely been practiced and he is more likely to harm himself than others in the attempt. This does not stop him trying to help other people, he acts before he thinks and so can end up in situations where he needs to be rescued by the person he set out to rescue.

Usually though Shion is not violent and only believes in violence as a last resort... Unless you insult Rat; or harm Rat. Do not harm Rat. You will regret it.

Being fresh out of No. 6 and new to the West Town Shion tries his best to get used to his new life and be seen by the others as an equal and to not be merely something to protect.
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TRIGGERS. Cruelty will make him angry, but it will get you no more than a lecture, and Shion helping whoever has been a victim of cruelty. Inequality also makes him angry. Also harming Rat will make him very angry.
MEDICAL INFO. He has white hair and a red band starting on his face and swirling round his body from where he survived a parasite bee, in Animus where he is from the anime his eyes are red (like the icons show) in Rakuen he is from the novel so his eyes are black-purple, like a midnight lake. This is also due to the aforementioned parasite bee. He is not physically strong or fit.
MENTAL INFO. Yep nothing here I don't think. Unless prone to long rambling dramatic inner monologues counts
FOURTH-WALLING. Yep if you like. Though give me a heads up first!
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Physical contact is fine! Shion likes hugs and such
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Not really, I interpret Shion as asexual so the sexual relations thing is out.
INJURE/KILL. Yep he can't fight very well and let me know if you are planning to kill him so we can plot.
ANYTHING ELSE. Let me know if you want to avoid spoilers!


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Name: Shion
Room: 2-12 with Jounouchi Katsuya and Archer (AU3)
Age: 16 17 18
Birthday: 7th September (canon)
Collar Colour: Orange
Collar Fluid: Normal (as of death in endgame)
Job: Librarian

Current State: Died twenty times
- In the moving event.
- Killed by the Grand Highblood on the meadow floor.
- Had his heart carved out by Leon on Valentines Day.
- Had all the liquid sucked from him during Hitori Kakurenbo.
- Killed by Ventus (AU) in the labyrinth
- By Retrieval units after trying to kill an infirmary worker.
- Killed by Vanitas
- Killed by Monster Jin
- Turned into a zombie by Richtofen
- Fell from the tower.
- Died for science 1
- Died for science 2
- Died on the Machine Floor with Equius
- Killed by Ienzo under effects of Howl on Valentines Day.
- Killed by Drone Hei
- Killed by the Screaming monster
- Killed by the Crying monster
- Killed by Kiryu in the distraction thread
- Eaten by shadow children in If you don't
- Spiked by monster Riki in endgame battle one

Death repercussions 14+

- 14th: Forgot Rat's room number
- 15th: Forgot what order administrators take control of the tower in.
- 16th: That Dax is dead
- 17th: The name of his mums bakery
- 18th: The colour of Rat's eyes
- 19th: Why his world is mostly wasteland.

Trunk Contents:
- Outfit (1 Pair Dark Trousers, 1 White Shirt, pair of Black Shoes, 1 handmade Turk pin (given to him by Reno)) (He was wearing this during Whale attack)

1) 1 Light Blue Cardigan
2) 1 Brownish/Pinkish Long Coat
3) A Copy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare (slightly water damaged, moved to Sauna locker)
4) His medical kit (reward for Labyrinth)

- A teddy bear named Lysander ('reward' for dying during Hitori Kakurenbo)
- 3 copies of his guide to the mushrooms and plants of Animus (slightly water damaged, moved to sauna locker)
- A brain in a jar (reward for trick or treat)
- The jumper Safu gave him (December reward) (Given to Xion)
- Extensive notes on the tower, it's peoples and horrors. (slightly water damaged, moved to sauna locker)
- A pack of homemade playing cards (slightly water damaged)
- Reno's wallet with pictures (Given to Elena)
- Reno's EMR (without materia)
- Reno's journal (In Shion's sauna locker)
- Copy of Reno's journal on tower paper. (Given to Xion)
- Poster of Midgar (Given to Elena)
- Badly made blanket poncho
- Mish mash of clothes that are still a little too big for him from Reno (casual and uniform, some tower made)
- A case of Shinra issue listening bugs with headset and recording device (Given to Elena)
- EMR (with lightning materia) (Given to Elena or Xion)
- Lightning materia, counter materia and restore materia (Given to Elena)
- Final letter from Elena
- Final letter from Hei
- A dead blue rat
- His identification bracelet (Reward from Quarantine)
- Bottle of Reno's alcohol wrapped in a cloth
- A leather harness, complete with little bags, loops, and pockets to keep supplies, food, and weapons in, and with a little bottle of alcohol in the largest pocket marked with a symbol for first aid stuff.
- The larvae of the parasite bee, that was cut out of him, in a petri dish. (Reward for December)
- A copy of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde (I'm sorry gift from Zo)
- An apology note from Zo


Aleph: He asked why those from Hinoto-Ri could survive without collars, Dax told him it was because their worlds weren't destroyed and they hadn't been brought by Zo.

Allen Walker: An angry man with white hair and markings on his face who glared at Shion in the lounge.

Amberley Vail: She was in the library reading psychology books and she wondered why this world studied people and individuals so closely, Shion explained a little bit about what he knew but told her that he knew more ecology. She asked about his world and told him that she came from the year 40,000, she was a rememberancer and wrote history. But the events of today, so that those in the future would have a correct record. They spoke about the lack of history books in the library, the fact they hadn't just been handed a fake history and the fact there was a gap for history as if drawing attention to the fact that it was not there. Amberley said she would do some snooping.

America (the baby one): Shion met him in the infirmary, he was all bandaged up because he had tried to put bandages on himself. Shion helped him untangle himself.

April Sinclair: A girl he met in the library, she came from a world where books had been destroyed in a war. She wished there were history books, and wondered why there was no power. Shion told her about the experiments and how they were something that regularly happened. She said that she hoped there was a way for them to stop them. She was at the question and answer session.

Archer (Fate/stay night): In the question and answer session he asked what was destroying the worlds and was told it was a virus.

Asako Minegishi (AU): She had been experimented on in April, her body cut up and rearranged, her skull replaced with a crown. He asked if she needed help and she told him to return to his room, he asked if she was sure and she said all disobedience would be reprimanded. He told her he wouldn't disobey.

Asch the Bloody: Man who was at the question and answer session in February.

Axel: Xion's friend, a different one than who had been there before. Shion met him in the corridors and wondered if Xion had seen him yet. He told him where to find her. He swapped places with Reno in the wedding in order to annoy Elena, Shion was scared that Elena would kill them all. He was experimented on in April, one of those sent to spy by sometimes acting like themselves. Shion spoke to him during the meeting.

Ayaka Sajyou: A woman at the question and answer session who Cu called master.

Chaos: He replied to Shion's network post about the clinic and said he had some skill in healing. He came to the clinic and spoke to Shion, he helped organise things and had some magic that warmed Shion up. Shion told him that was a useful skill since it was getting colder. They spoke about the fact that nothing lasted forever except that people disappeared and arrived. They spoke about the world being destroyed and Chaos told him it wasn't real.

Chaos asked why they had started the clinic and Shion told him about what had happened in June, Chaos said it was good that they had banded together to help others. Chaos told him to find him if he ever needed help.

He argued against Ganondorf in the wedding and told him that he would stand against him. He was at the question and answer and asked about how people who couldn't survive outside their worlds because they were linked to them could. And Zo responded that the bubble didn't know it had popped, that they had taken a person from a moment just before the end, and as the end hadn't technically happened they were frozen, whilst the end happened elsewhere, hence they could survive.

They saw each other whilst stuck in the dark world. Chaos told him that it didn't feel like the administrators and more like the one who had crashed the wedding; Ganondorf. He told Shion not to give into his anger and Shion calmed down when he touched him. Shion said that it was strange that he could effect the tower, when a lot of magic didn't touch it. Chaos told him it didn't seem unusual but couldn't say if he had seen the like before in the tower. He said there was always a middle way. Shion said they just had to find it.

After Elena disappeared he found Shion by her grave. He told Shion he had not failed anyone and Shion told him that everyone always left. Chaos told him he would find new people to care for and Shion told him that people couldn't be replaced. Chaos told him he didn't mean that, but people would fill the holes left in his heart and the pain would dull in time. Shion told him he didn't want the pain to dull if it meant forgetting. Chaos told him he wouldn't forget, but the pain would dull a little, not fade completely.

Chaos laid his hand on Shion's shoulder and calmed him a little, Shion thanked him and Chaos told him he liked helping others. Shion told him he was good at it. Chaos said there were times that he had failed and Shion thought that it was that people were beyond help, especially in a place such as the tower.

Chihiro Fujisaki: She came into the infirmary during June looking for food. Shion gave her some berries he had collected from the forest. She came from a place called Japan, he told her about his world and she was worried he came from her future. He told her that it didn't matter if the worlds had truly ended, she asked what he meant by that.

They spoke about the possibility of existing outside of the tower and she suggested what they saw as outside could be a stimulated environment. Shion couldn't imagine the technology level needed for that. Chihiro said it reminded her of the situation back at home where she was trapped in a bad place. In a school where they had been forced to kill each other. Shion hoped that they wouldn't be forced to kill each other here.

During October he found her crying, her candy bucket was empty so he tried to give her some of his own. She got more upset and told him that her friend Mondo had died because he had given his candy to her. He told her he had enough and made her promise to keep trying and live on. Because if her friend had died for him then it was important.

He then took her to collect candy. She asked if he had any powers and he told her that magic didn't exist in her world, she asked if he could fight and he told her Reno was teaching him. He told her he would introduce her to Reno. He also told her that he would introduce her to Xion, as it seemed like she needed more friends.

She came to the clinic in December to help out. Shion told her she could help checking people and seeing who was injured and who was ill.

In January during the time experiment Shion came across a boy holding a holograph of Chihiro. He spoke to the boy and it was Chihiro, and older Chihiro who claimed Shion had lost memories and was younger than he had been the day before.

He told Shion he had always been a boy, yet had cross dressed because he had been bullied for being weak, and so thought as a girl he could be stronger and because people liked him as a girl, though not as a boy.

He said he had met someone in the tower who had taught him to accept who he was, and that he had grown a lot so would look silly cross dressing. Shion told him he didn't think he would look silly in a dress, but was glad he didn't have to hide anymore. Chihiro wondered if Mondo maybe missed him being in a dress and Shion told him to ask him.

After Nezumi disappeared Chihiro found Shion whilst he was kicking walls, he seemed scared of him and that more than anything made Shion calm down. He hugged Shion, who broke down, he said maybe Nezumi would come back and Shion told him that Nezumi had hated being on the dead world for a couple of weeks, this would be worse. Chihiro told him it was alright to cry, and Shion said that Nezumi wouldn't want him to. Chihiro told him he wouldn't tell anyone he cried and then held him whilst he cried.

A few days later it was his birthday and Shion attended his party. He had made him a strawberry pie. Chihiro was turning 17, though Shion had thought him a lot younger. Chihiro said he would make him pie for his birthday, Shion told him his favourite was cherry and that he didn't want anything for his birthday.

Chloe: A girl who attended Reno and Elena's wedding.

Colette Brunel: A girl at the question and answer session in February.

Cu Chulainn (lancer): Was at the question and answer session in February. He told Kariya not to be a hero when Kariya offered to take any children's places in future experiments. He asked about the graveyard and if Jason could be punched in the face, people told him he was stupid.

Data: A man who was at Reno and Elena's wedding. He was also at the question and answer session, asked about Ruana and her post where she claimed to be an experiment. Jason asked if they were sure it was her, and said that her behavior at the wedding was the only behavior he had witnessed of her.

Dave Strider: He found Shion in the labyrinth, he was nice though and stuck with Shion. They talked about the experiments in order to try and forget about the fact they were stuck in the labyrinth and would have to kill or be killed. Dave also said he thought the weird question on the network about fear had to do with this experiment. Shion wondered if they were going to bring their fears into the labyrinth. Unfortunately they managed to lose each other and didn't find each other again.

He was at the question and answer session and asked about those who were lost, and if their worlds would be restored, and also where Ruana was. He also asked how long the administrators had been there and they claimed all their lives.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne: A man who asked Jason why he experimented on children, he got angry about it. He also spoke to Cu when Cu asked for Jason to be punched in the face.

Edward Richtofen: A terrifying man who attacked Shion and Ventus in the labyrinth. They managed to run away. He was part of Ganondorf's attempt at taking the control room.

England: He was in the infirmary after the monster attack (moving event) Shion helped change his dressings. He asked if Shion had managed to stay safe and Shion explained the strangeness that had happened.

Enoch: He argued with Ganondorf at the wedding telling him he was ruining a moment of peace even the administrators had decided to leave be. He asked for his memories of his time on his destroyed world to be given back to him fully at the question and answer sessions and Jason said it could happen in his next collar checkup. He also spoke to Zo, checking on him and asking if he was the one that found people lost in their worlds as well and asked if Ruana was watching.

He found Shion in the graveyard after Elena disappeared and told him to hope for the best. Shion pointed out that that was hard when he didn't know what the best entailed. Enoch said that getting them back to the tower would be for the best and Shion said it was a wonder they had any hope left at all.

Eridan Ampora (AU): A troll he met on floor 12, he was half dead with cold and Shion tried to get him to go to the clinic. However the troll threatened to tear his throat out. Shion continued being stubborn and the troll pulled a gun at him. He tried some more but left before he could get shot.

In January Shion saw him again in the forest up a tree, and checked to see if he was better. Eridan apologised for what he had done and Shion told him that he didn't blame others for Jason's cruelty. Eridan said it hadn't been Jason it had just been him and Shion said he forgave him anyways. Eridan said he was a lot better now things were warmer and Shion told him not to fall out of the tree.

Equius Zahhak (AU): A troll who Shion met after Hitori Kakurenbo. Shion was freaking out upset about everything that had happened and Equius was also freaking out cooking to keep his mind off everything. He dropped some tongs which scared Shion and made him drop his bowl. After flailing and Equius tidying up while Shion stood there being scared and amazed they began to cook together.

Later Shion found him on the stair case after he hadn't slept in his room for ages. Shion tried to help him and wouldn't take no for an answer when Equius tried to make him go away. Shion was stubborn and decided to keep an eye on Equius.

Though after the labyrinth and his punishment he failed a bit, he next seen him after Reno had given him the Turk pin. He met him in the cafeteria and Equius gave him some rice instead of the nutrient bars. Shion was thankful and they spoke; Shion felt guilty that they hadn't spoke for so long. Equius wasn't great, he said he had been acting weird and didn't know why. Shion was worried.

In August he found him cowering on the space floor. He seemed scared even of Shion and told him to go away. Shion was stubborn (as usual) and asked who had hurt him. Equius told him it was Gamzee and to stay away, Shion tried to coax him out of the corner but he wouldn't budge, so Shion sat with him and promised he wouldn't leave him.

In February he met Equius in the huge machine, he was a bit wobbly but asked to explore with Equius. They wondered if they could find the master control. Equius didn't want him to come with him and Shion was hurt since he thought Equius thought him a burden.

Equius let him go with him and they got a little bit in... before standing on a unstable platform. Equius panicked and froze, Shion tried to make him move and they fell into acid and metal and died.

In April he had been experimented on and covered in steal wool. He asked what Shion's business with him was and that he had to get back to work. Shion grabbed his shoulders and asked if he knew who he was. Equius told him he was Shion and that residents couldn't interfere with workers. Shion told him he wasn't interfering and Equius told him that he was keeping him in place, Shion told him that wasn't his intention and Equius walked off.

Feferi Peixes: A troll girl who attended Reno and Elena's wedding. She was also at the question and answer session, she had lost someone close to her and didn't seem stable. She told the administrators she was going to go and kill things and wondered if the graveyard was to remind them of their failures as well as for the residents to remember their friends.

Gamzee Makara: A troll who has a complicated friendship with Reno. He was at the wedding. At the question and answer session he asked Jason to experiment on his brain and got into an argument with Jin, Ryuunosuke and Richtofen. It turned out he wanted voices in his mind to be silenced and Jason agreed to operate. He was calmed out of his argument by Karkat.

Gandalf: He conducted the wedding ceremony of Reno and Elena.

Ganondorf Dragmire: Shion met him in the infirmary, he warned Shion about the monsters and Shion told him that he was trying to help people who were injured. He left a shadow with Shion to help defend the infirmary. He was kind and helpful. He led the attempt to take over the tower. Reno told Shion he wasn't to go near him.

He was put into Reno's body, at first Shion didn't know and thought Reno had simply had his memories tampered with. He panicked and Ganondorf failed completely to calm him down. When Shion found out who he was he was asked by Reno to keep an eye on him. He helped make sure that they got switched back.

Later Ganondorf kidnapped Xion and tortured Reno, Shion went after him and tried to attack him, ending in him being thrown to monsters and then landing on Reno covered in blood. Turns out Ganondorf is immune to bullets.

In December Shion learned that Reno was working for Ganondorf, he attacked Ganondorf again and got beaten again. Ganondorf told Reno to deal with him leading Shion to think Reno had betrayed them and attacking Reno. Once Reno was dead Ganondorf told Shion that he was a murderer and a traitor. That Reno had been wanting his help, had risked his life to save Shion's and Shion had repayed him by killing him. That Reno had thought of him as a son. That next he would hurt Xion or another of his friends.

"No matter what horrors are committed in this tower, nothing shall be worse than your crime."

He then turned up at Elena and Reno's wedding and attacked Ruana and Zo. He was stopped. He was at the question and answer session but didn't ask anything.

In March he created a world of darkness and trapped people there.

Gilgamesh (Archer)(AU3): Shion's new roommate after Reno disappeared, he was blunt but seemed nice enough. Shion gave him information on the tower, souls, monsters and oatmeal. He seemed unwilling to believe the worlds had ended, Shion told him the proofs and theories they had. He went to explore.

During the weather event they rescued their belongings together, Gilgamesh asked what the point of flooding the tower was. Shion told him it might be just to see how they would cope, they went to see if any of the floors were dry.

Guy Cecil: He was at the question and answer session, he asked to what degree the worlds had been destroyed. Dax told him it was the complete elimination of everything that had lived there.

Hagire Rinichiro: He spoke to Jason in the question and answer, spoke about surgery and asked for body parts.

Hei: Elena's friend, did all the catering for the wedding. He set up a school system and Shion volunteered to teach Ecology. After Elena disappeared he found Shion punching trees. He grabbed him to stop him and Shion fought him, he knocked him out and tied him up.

Once Shion was tied up and awake he told him to calm down and he wouldn't hurt him. Shion apologised for attacking and Hei said he didn't blame him. Shion told him that they had taught him better than that. Hei told him that lessons were difficult to follow through with emotions and then hugged him.

He was experimented on in April and attacked Shion.

Ishtar: A girl who claimed to know first aid and healing and offered to help in the clinic. She came to the clinic, she asked what she could do and Shion told her that the main illness was the one that seemed to be going round and might be an experiment. She said that they should try and ease the suffering and they helped people together.

She found him in Dark World and they explored the castle together, fighting skeletons. She had magic and used it to attack them, they got chased, they then got to a maze, which made Shion panic. After they had fought their shadows she got caught in quick sand with Elena whilst trying to grab the pendant.

Itachi Uchiha: A man who seemed to be in pain during the question and answer session and asked Zo what he was.

Jason: The worst of their captors, he likes experimenting on people. The tower is always bad when he is in charge. He offered to give Gamzee brain surgery to quiet the voices in his head, he also told Richtofen he was a better surgeon than him.

Jin Shirato: Shion has only met him in monster form when Jason made him attack everyone in the library, he killed Shion. He was at the question and answer session and spoke to Zo asking how he was. He got into an argument with Ryuunosuke, Gamzee and Richtofen.

John Egbert (AU2): He was one of those who went down into the administrative areas and learned about the souls, he left a note in everyone's mailbox telling them he had got video footage. Shion went to meet him in the meadow and watched the footage. He didn't know how Jason put the souls back in the body but said he scanned Sheba's collar first. Shion told him it was the biggest thing anyone had managed to find out since he'd been there.

Jounouchi Katsuya: Shion's roommate.

Kariya Matou: At the question and answer session he asked if there was a way to detain people in the tower away from the others. He also offered to take the place of children in the experiments, this made several of the children angry and a lot of people jump in to tell the administrators not to do that and tell him that it was a bad idea since people would be hurt anyways.

Katsuya Suou: A boy who tried to talk down Eikichi from attacking Jason

Ken Amada (AU): A boy who told Kariya he was stupid for offering to take children's places in experiments.

Kidou Yuuto: A boy who wanted to help out in the clinic, he had no healing abilities but knew about helping people. At the question and answer session he asked about the poeple from Hinoto-Ri and how they had got there and if the administrators were going to send them back. He said it wasn't fair to them that they had been brought there after already been dragged from their homes once.

Kirika Yuumura: A girl who was at Reno and Elena's wedding.

Koromaru: A dog who was at the wedding and the question and answer session.

Kyoku Sakura: A girl who attended Reno and Elena's wedding. She also attended the question and answer session and seemed chatty, asking about the visitors and how they would be sent back, and if the worlds could be restored and them sent back in a similar manner.

Labrys: She was at the question and answer session in February.

Lancer (Fate/prototype): Argued against Ganondorf told him not to stain a happy day with blood.

Legolas Thranduilion: An elf who was at the question and answer session, he offered the administrators some bread that he had requested but Dax refused it, saying that they received requests rarely and the administrators didn't deserve their sympathy.

Link (AU): He was dressed in a ridiculous dress during October, Shion spoke to him briefly.

Luke fon Fabre: Shion helped him and Teddie get back in their own bodies, Luke was struggling to remember who he was. During the question and answer in February he asked if they could even trust the administrators. And then asked about a potential ghost, who was the after image of a past event, in a place he had been locked in.

Makoto Naegi: A boy who asked if the worlds could be restored during the question and answer session. He also asked about the colours of liquid in their collars but recieved no answer.

Mami Tomoe: She was in the library asking if there was any information about the tower. Shion told her about the network, he took her to a computer, luckily she knew what one was and showed her the tower guide. He confirmed that they were experimented on. In the question and answer session she asked why they brought the dead or dying, Dax said it was random, whatever they could grab first. And that some spirits lingered even after death.

Miles Edgeworth: He was writing notes during the question and answer session.

Minato Arisato (OU): They met at the friendship affirmation party, Shion gave him a cookie and they spoke about how it was nice to do fun things in between the bad things that happened. At the question and answer session in February Minato asked what the difference between the residents and those from Hinoto-Ri. Jason told him that the visitors' world hadn't been destroyed and if they died they died for real as Jason claimed they couldn't revive the dead.

He found Shion when Shion was punching trees after Elena disappeared. She told him to take care of his hands and asked him how long he was planning on punching the tree for. Shion told him until it fell down and when Minato told him he would destroy his hand first Shion told him he had two. Minato asked if he could fight and Shion told him that Reno had taught him. Minato asked if he was one of the instructors and Shion told him he had been, and had taught him everything he knew. Minato asked if he could fight off the monsters. Shion told him he could manage most of them.

Mitsuru Kirijo: She was at the question and answer session in February and spoke to some people though she asked no questions.

Monkey D. Luffy: A man with stretchy arms who tried to save Elena and Ishtar from the sand in the Dark World.

Naoto Shirogane: Attended Reno and Elena's wedding.

Naoya: One of the people who went to try and take over the tower. Shion only saw them briefly. He told Richtofen to calm down during the question and answer session, which didn't go down well.

Neal Cassidy: A man he met during the weather event in March, he saved him from killer plants. He was new to the tower, Shion told him that most the people brought there were decent and that many of the experiments and games focused on splitting them up, therefore it was best to stick together. Neal asked if the weather thing happened a lot and Shion told him it hadn't but that other things had. Shion explained about the administrators and the games they played.

Neal said they should try and rescue Zo and Shion agreed though it would be difficult in a place controlled by the administrators. He warned him that they saw and heard everything. Shion told him that if he needed information to just find him, and to be careful.

Nesir Aeser: A girl who watched Reno and Elena's wedding. At the question and answer she asked about the feasibility of them all being sent to Hinoto-Ri which seemed safer than the tower. Dax said he would look into it but he didn't think it would be possible.

Odagiri Hidetoshi: He was at the question and answer session.

Pit: A boy who was in the Dark world, trying to help them get the pendant.

Prussia: A guest at Reno and Elena's wedding:

Rei Ayanami (AU): A girl who was at Reno and Elena's wedding. She was at the question and answer session and asked about powers. She had shape shifting powers she wanted to be stopped, she said Jason was nice.

Revolver Ocelot: A woman at the question and answer session who asked about the system in the tower, Dax said their intention had always been to save at least one person per world, but that the tower had become warped over time. Dax said it was always best to save lives when you could.

Richtofen: He had been turned by his costume into a zombie and attacked Shion, Shion was taken unawares and went down easily, Richtofen killed him but turned him into a zombie, one who obeyed Richtofen's every command for a day.

And Richtofen never let him forget it. He offered to experiment on Gamzee if he wanted to be cut open so much. He then got into a argument with Jason about who was the better surgeon. He was calmed down by Naoya.

He had power in the dark world and taunted Shion about being a zombie and about being eaten. He then led Shion to a tree, which was home to an angry bird, which attacked. He refused to call the bird off. He told him he had infinite power in that realm. He told Shion to beg him to stop the birds but Shion refused.

Riki: One of their captors, he breaks physics. For that reason alone Shion dislikes him. However since he missed most of July he doesn't have any real knowledge of how the tower is when Riki is in charge. When asked about the differing floors he seemed animated and enthusiastic.

Riku (OU): They met on floor 20. He asked if Shion had seen anyone in a coat like his, at first Shion thought they were his friends from his world, but actually they were people who were hunting him. Shion promised to warn him if he saw them. It turned out he was Xion's friend.

In December Shion went to ask him about what he knew about Reno and Ganondorf and what had happened when Xion had been hurt. He told him that Reno was working for Ganondorf, Shion didn't want to believe him.

He stood up against Ganondorf at the wedding and calmed Kairi down during the question and answer. He also seemed to know Shion's roommate Ienzo. In April after Elena disappeared he found Shion punching trees. Shion asked if Xion was alright but Riku hadn't seen her, he asked what had happened and Shion told him. He told him that hurting himself wouldn't bring her back or make him feel better. Shion was horrified at losing control again. Riku took Shion off the non powered floor so he could heal his hands.

He asked Shion if he often got angry like that and when Shion told him it did he warned him it would get worse and Shion wouldn't be the only one hurt. He then offered to try and teach Shion to control the darkness, though he couldn't promise it would work.

Romeo: A boy at Reno and Elena's wedding. At the question and answer session he spoke to Zo and asked how he was. He ran over to defend Kariya and told him not to offer to take other peoples places in experiments as it would only get more people hurt.

Rose Lalonde (AU): She was at the question and answer session and asked if animals revived as well, Dax told her that they did even without collars. She thanked them and asked if he was alright.

Ruana: A girl who seems to be in charge of the tower. Shion doesn't really know anything about her. He knows however that the others are scared of her and that worries him.

After the translation crisis some videos were released that gave evidence that she had been an experiment herself. He spoke briefly to her. She came to the wedding and made the place bloom with flowers. Ganondorf attacked her but she stopped him. Elena gave her her bouquet. Apparently afterwards she claimed not to remember the conversation on the network, and Jason claimed that the behavior at the wedding was the only behavior he had seen from her. She apparently sleeps much of the time when she's not in charge. At the end of February she banished the visitors and killed Dax over the network.

Saber (Alter): She asked Jason a question about holy grails.

Sayaka Miki: A girl in the library, her and Shion tried to escape from the collared monster. They failed. She attended Reno and Elena's wedding and was at the question and answer session. She asked if the administrators wished to bow and scrape to Ruana forever, Jason told her he took solace in the fact she'd rather play games with the residents. She told him he was as much a prisoner as she was.

Sephiran: A man who attended Reno and Elena's wedding.

Sephiroth: During October where Shion was dresses as a Bee he came across Sephiroth on the dorm levels. Shion told him where they were and that they were trapped. Shion babbled at him about the end of the world and what proof they had. But then the man seemed to get angry and told him to get out. Shion did so.

Later in the month he found Sephiroth in the library, where he was reading about edible plants. He offered his book about the edible species of the tower. Sephiroth told him that he had heard they didn't need to eat, Shion wasn't sure about that but Sephiroth said it was a matter of willpower. Shion thought about testing that. Sephiroth asked about the book and Shion told him about what was in it.

Sephiroth asked what the catch was and called him a Turk, Shion asked if he was from Gaia. Sephiroth asked what Reno had told him about Turks. Shion told him that Reno had told him Turks don't answer questions like that.

In response Sephiroth attacked him and pinned him to a table, told him he should kill him for coming near him and drew his sword on him. He flung him into a bookshelf and told Shion that Turks deserved no less, Shion asked why he hated them. Sephiroth just attacked him more cutting his arm and letting him escape after attacking the back of his knees. Once Shion had escaped he finally put the pieces together with what he had read in Reno's journal and realised who it was. He criticized Reno and Elena for getting married, and made Reno angry. He was at the question and answer session in February.

In April whilst Shion was putting Elena's note in his sauna locker he saw Sephiroth again, he worried that he would attack but instead Sephiroth returned his book. Shion was surprised he had bothered to save it. Shion said he hoped it was useful, Sephiroth said he would thank him but it wouldn't be appropriate but to consider this no hard feelings.

Sephiroth (AU): A child who was at the question and answer session.

Sheba: A girl in the question and answer session who talked to Riki about the different floors and how they were made. During Little Finger she found a finger and gave it to Xion so she could wake up and get her arm healed.

Shinji Matou: A young boy who asked why the tower was called the tower of souls. Dax told him it got its name a long time ago. He asked why his spirit hacking power had been stopped and they told him it was deemed to dangerous.

Sola-ui Nuadha-re Sophia-ri: A woman who found him punching trees after Elena disappeared. She told him it was a little extreme for training. He told her it wasn't training and she told him whatever he wanted to do could be done without mauling himself.

Shion told her that that was false if the aim was to maul yourself and she told him to fight monsters, he told her he had a friend who would be angry if he died again. She asked if they would be happy with him destroying his hands. He told her that he hadn't thought of that and she asked if there was a reason he was being overemotional. He said no reason more than usual.

He told her his hands would heal when he died and she told him he shouldn't take it so lightly. He said there was a difference between treating it lightly and accepting it as inevitable. She offered to heal his hands and he told her that powers didn't work on that floor.

Sora (AU): Was in his group for the Midnight Game.

Suzaku Kururugi: A brown haired boy who was mostly silent through the question and answer session.

Taiki: A boy at Reno and Elena's wedding.

Tavros Nitram: A troll who attended Reno and Elena's wedding.

Thorin Oakenshield: A dwarf who was fighting in the infirmary because he didn't want to have his collar checkup. Shion told him not to fight and they wouldn't hurt him if he calmed down. Shion grabbed his shoulders, Thorin asked if the checkup would hurt and Shion told him it felt strange but not painful. Shion waited for him, to make sure he was alright.

Tohko Amano: A guest at Reno and Elena's wedding, she works in the library with Shion. She stood by Diarmuid whilst questioning Jason. After Dax's death she was having some kind of meeting, Shion saw her and though she was initially suspicious of him she let him stay. She taught Literature at Hei's school. Shion joined her class, they discussed his level of reading and writing and then moved on to actual literature. Shion explained his world to her and why he didn't have much knowledge of literature or history.

She told him about a man called Mikhail Bulgakov who was an author who criticized his government, but the leader of his state liked his works so never punished him. He wrote a book called The Master and Margarita but destroyed his first copy because of critics. He later rewrote it and it was censored. Later after he was dead and all those who criticized him were also gone the original was published by Lidiya Yanovskaya and it was now considered one of the greatest works of his country.

Shion said it was a good job he had people to help him, and that that was a good thing about being human. Tohko corrected him to it being a good thing about existing.

Unfortunately Tohko then gave him an essay based question, very similar to one he had been asked after the labyrinth, he began to panic, Tohko managed to calm him down and asked him just to write a story instead. Shion told her he couldn't. She told him that all writers began with no words, and he tried to write. She told him he could base it on real life and he managed to write a couple of lines about a boy and some dogs.

They left it at that and Shion promised to read the book by the next lesson, if he attended.

Uryuu Ryuunosuke: He asked Zo about the monsters in February's question and answers. He then got into an argument with Gamzee, Richtofen and Jin about dissection.

V/V: A girl at Reno and Elena's wedding.

Veigar: He asked why the walls couldn't be destroyed and Riku told him that they were disruption fields. He asked if the world outside was full of monsters.

Warmage: He fell asleep during the question and answer session.

Wilhelm: He spoke to Dax during the question and answers and asked about the visitors rom Hinoto-Ri.

Wriggle: A girl at Reno and Elena's wedding. She can apparently fly as she asked why her powers didn't work on certain floors during the question and answer, and was told that if they went too far from the tower they would die.

Xion: A girl he met on floor twenty. She was new, he told her that the world probably hadn't ended and that they should still have hope. She asked whether he had seen her friends Roxas and Axel and Shion told him he knew of a Roxas; the one who had saved him. He promised to tell him she was here if he saw him.

He met her again after Hitori Kakurenbo, she had been injured and her arm was in a sling. He checked her arm, which had been dislocated but put back into place. They hadn't given her anything to stop the pain though.

He met her again in the library, she was looking for books to distract herself with and Shion found some fiction books for her while trying to find out what was wrong. She came to training and Reno made them run laps. She had been in the labyrinth too and they both weren't alright but they ran and it made them feel a bit better.

When Axel disappeared she was really upset and Shion and Reno found her. Shion tried to comfort her and Reno gave her a Turk pin. So she became family and Shion promised to always look after her. She slowly became one of his closest friends, fellow Turkling. They stuck together after that. Though during June strange things happened around her, headaches and memories. They tried to follow Reno to take over the control room but he made them go back, they waited together and were both angry when Reno died. While Reno was dead she got into a fight with Vanitas so she and Shion began alternating which room they slept in so she would be safe. When Reno came back they told him what had happened and then played poker. They found that her and Reno's worlds both had moogles as well as magic. Shion was glad to see her when he returned from his dead world. He was really proud of her when she stood up at the fellowship meeting to stop people from going on doomed rescue missions.

At the end of July she fell unconscious for a few days, Shion and Reno tried to find ways to help her and Shion stayed by her side the whole time. During the whale attack she found him and Elena, they stuck together and though Xion hurt her wrist, and Shion his ankle they survived. Then Vanitas attacked her, Shion jumped into save her and died, but Xion survived. Xion was too out of it to notice Shion had died and Shion made sure she never found out. He felt bad he couldn't protect her better.

Reno returned and they tackle hugged him together and filled him in. After the body swaps they both went to the party and had fun. A little later she was kidnapped by Ganondorf, who Shion confronted later. During October they helped each other find candy until she died of her costume and forced Shion to take her candy.

She walked in on Shion, Rat and Reno and gave Rat some advice on other worlds and doubles of friends you knew.

Xion had been learning to sew and knit and she finished a jumper, Shion congratulated her and told her she had talent. She came to visit Shion in the clinic. A few days later she fell sick, Reno told Shion who went to look after her.

She made a network post to try and make sure the wedding went smoothly and got a visit from Ruana, Shion went to see her in the library afterwards and talked to her about it.

She was Elena's bridesmaid, they both were glad that Reno turned up to the wedding. Then Ganondorf tried to ruin things and she screamed at him to stop it. At the question and answer session she thanked Zo for helping at the wedding, and asked how he was. Then they talked about feelings whilst sparing.

Xion was caught up in one of Ruana's games and got a chunk taken out of her arm, she arrived via portal to Shion's room in the middle of the night. He sewed up her arm and they spoke about what had happened. She had been in a dream where she had met a woman who had lost six fingers and they had to find them. She had put her arm in a hole to see if there was a finger there and got it bitten by a creature.

She stayed in Shion's room for a few nights, sleeping in Reno's bed as he had been sent to his dead world. They explained to Reno what had happened when he returned.

She learned Reno was gone from her work in the graveyard and together they tried to comfort Elena.

She was trapped in the dark world as well and Shion stuck with her until they were separated.

In April she asked for training over the network and told Shion that he could go with her if she found anyone. They then met up and went foraging for food and had a feast.

In April she was taken and experimented on, turned into a mish mash doll creature. He dropped his books when he saw her and she helped pick them up, she couldn't speak. He promised not to leave her.

Xue'kol: Someone new who Shion met, she is not human. She said that she had a bounty on her head and had been kidnapped often. He told her about the dangers of the tower and the fact that death wasn't lasting. She wanted to know if you could remember when you died. She told him about the undead of her world and how they are walking corpses. Shion told her he had died four times and didn't feel like a walking corpse.

They went on to talk about books and how everyone could understand each other and the books in the library. He warned her about the Grand Highblood and other violent trolls and learned she was a troll herself even if she looked nothing like the other trolls of the tower. She told him there were many types of trolls in her world but the ones he described didn't sound like any she knew.

She told him about her world and the legion who go around invading and enslaving others. They both hoped they wouldn't come to the tower. She told him she thought he wasn't naive but instead pure of heart, like out of a story. She was very kind and Shion enjoyed talking to her.

After Shion's labyrinth punishment he saw her in the library when he was trying to stuff his head full of knowledge. He found it hard to talk but asked her about books and they ended up talking about ecology. She was the first person apart from Reno he spoke to after the punishment and though it seemed weird to him she was kind and helped him even if she didn't realise it.

He next saw her after he returned from his dead world, she was alright and he was glad. He felt embarrassed about how he had been last time they had spoke. He told her that he had been to his dead world and she told him never to give up hope. He learned she had faced an underwater god back in her own world. He asked if she had seen Xion or Reno but she hadn't, she said if he ever needed help just to ask and he offered the same.

During the October event they met she was looking for candy and they spoke about how awful this game was. She asked if he had enough candy, she told him to stay safe and stay away from people who were turned. He told her to be careful as well and she blew him a kiss before disappearing into the shadows.

She spoke to him when he was telling people about the clinic and told him she'd gotten lost in the hedge maze for a long time. He was worried about her but she said she was fine and that she was glad to see his smile. He said they should meet up again and she agreed, he told her to go to the clinic if she needed help.

At the question and answer session she asked about resurrection and was told they didn't really die, they just got repaired because the retrieval units took them down to Jason.

She was swimming in one of the new ocean floors, with no clothes on, which was awkward. They spoke about the ocean (once she was wearing a towel). She liked the ocean floor and the snow floors as they reminded her of home. Then she tried flirting with him and he was a flaily mess again. She told him he was a nice guy and not to let the tower change it.

Yosuke Hanamura: They met in the media room, Yosuke was from Japan; either from a different time or some sort of different world that Shion. His world had another world inside the TVs. Shion found it strange that he came from a version of earth that still had countries, even though he seemed human.

Yu Narukami: Someone he almost bumped into in the corridor. He is one of Reno's friends and fell unconscious at the end of July. He helped Xion against Vanitas, but Shion was dead by the time he turned up. He argued against Ganondorf and told him that they could put aside their anger for a day. During the question and answer he joined Luke in asking about an event which had included the after image of an old event. He told Kariya to listen to Romeo and not offer to experimented on.

Zelda: The girl in charge of the fellowship, one of Xion's friends. In the question and answer session she seemed to have notes on Ruana's network post.

Zo: A small child who is with the captors. He seems to have powers and helps with the running of the tower, Shion fears he is being kept against his will. He turned up to the wedding to watch, Ganondorf attacked him. He was the one who brought the monsters in, because he was trying to rescue people. He explained to Chaos how people who were connected to their worlds could live, that they could take people from a moment just before the end, and sort of freeze them in time so though the world had ended elsewhere their body (or soul as it turned out) didn't know it.

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