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Name: Shion
School: Fortitude
Dorm: Black 1A (With Snowman)
Job: Dog walker for the Pet shop.
Current state: Alive
Wiki: Here


Adam: Teaches the Art of Apple Bunnies.

Alex Furest: Teaches computer science, he and Shion became fast friends. He told Shion about how he used to hack, and also how he had been experimented on as a child. Shion was angry that people could do such things. He learned that normally Alex could sense shadows of negative emotion. He was fighting those that had hurt him and his friends. He likes Becca and Shion generally acts like a big brother towards him, despite being younger. He was Dave's weapon in round 7 with Shion and Becca.

In Round 9 Shion became his Player, he bought him his final three upgrades and promised him a memory. He lost him to Dave in the tournament, he had asked Alex to not use protect but Alex didn't listen to him. He was making a program for the PDA to give battle information, Shion was interested. He also was confused about his feelings for Becca, he asked Shion for help. Flailing happened.

Bubblecup: Talking pony who was Firifale's other weapon in round 6. They explored the dungeon together and nearly got killed by spiky things.

Cirno: A young girl whose friend disappeared. He went to find her to comfort her and bought her a memory charm with his voucher that he got for opening the tower.

Cornelia li Britannia: Won by Spain in Round 4.

Day: Headmistress of Conquest, a cruel woman. In Round 5 she tortured one of her students publicly for all to see.

Dave Strider: He was Becca's Weapon in Round One, when she got upset in art class he came over. Once he saw Shion meant no harm he calmed down and they drew together. He told him he drew internet cartoons back home. In Round Two Dave was chosen as a Player again and though Shion didn't want to fight Dave vowed to him to give him his rights.

Near the end of that round Dave got into a fight and got beaten up badly Shion was worried about him (this trend continued forever). Despite Shion trying to convince him friendship was good Dave transferred him to Oichi.

In Round 3 Shion spoke to him about beginning ASL lessons, and to check how he was feeling. He convinced Dave that he cared about his well being and therefore began his lifelong mission of embarrassing Dave. He bought him a memory charm and gave it to him at the ASL club, it was his friends names. Dave seemed confused by why Shion would give him anything. Dave gave Shion a heart and an apple for Red Day acting very embarrassed about it, Shion gave Dave some cakes.

In Round Four Dave looked shaken and had lost his PDA Shion spoke to him in the assembly but he wouldn't tell him what was wrong. Shion lent him his so they could have a conversation. He made Dave promise to go back to bed once assembly was over as he looked exhausted, Dave agreed. Dave asked why Shion didn't seem to understand any of his references, and asked what he read and watched. Shion explained to him that books had been banned in No. 6. Dave was shocked and said he was glad he didn't live there, they spoke about how awesome the library was and how weird classes were here. Then Shion fussed over Dave some more.

A couple of days later they met in the cafeteria, Shion was still a discard. Dave seemed a lot calmer but Shion noticed he had a new upgrade ring. Dave said it had just appeared on his bedside table and after studying it Shion realised it was an undead ring. He got angry realising Dave had been killed. Dave finally told him he had been drowned by the head prefect. Shion told him to stay away from her, then Dave went off to eat but remembered that Shion was probably still a discard. Dave vowed to him.

When John went into a coma Dave was worried and so was Shion, they spoke on the network wondering about the nature of the comas and why they happened. He turned up to Becca and Shion's picnic and teased Shion mercilessly, attacked him, ate food, got attacked by Monster, was generally adorable. At the beginning of round six when Dave was (once again) a player they talked. Dave was excited for the dungeon as he liked adventures. Shion learned that Dave had played a game that destroyed his world, but that Dave had survived.

After round 6 Dave bought some turntables and made music. Shion went to investigate, Dave seemed so happy. Shion wondered if music like that existed outside Dave's world and told Dave a bit more about No. 6. Dave told him he would be bored and Shion explained he wouldn't be allowed to be, as it would be seen as dissent. Shion worried about things back home and Dave told him time might not be moving outside of where they were. They also discussed lost memories.

Unfortunately because of his music Shion's scary roommate Snowman beat him up. Shion found this out the next day and was angry. Dave changed the subject by pointing out that Shion's eyes were invisible and it was creepy. He said they could use it in battle but it would be cruel to use Shion's eyes as a Weapon. Shion asked why Dave wore sunglasses all the time even inside. Dave told him it was to look cool and that he'd lose cool points and something about irony and swag and Shion sort of lost track of what Dave was trying to say...

A couple of days later the first tower opened and a wyrm attacked. Dave bumped into Shion in the arena and drew Shion's weapon for the first time. Shion hit outbreak. They fought the wyrm together. Later Dave used Shion's weapon in battle against Kotaro and won.

Then John disappeared, Shion went to go find Dave and hug him. He promised to get them out of Rakuen and Dave told him not to make promises he couldn't keep. So he promised to try. He told Dave he attracted hugs because he looked so sad all the time.

Dave went to try and swim which was very brave of him. Shion made him tea and fussed over him some more because apparently Shion is everyone's big brother. At the beginning of round 8 Dave was once again a Player and once again a mess (anyone sensing a pattern here?) He had remembered a year of his life in a night... Shion thought it made no sense, it was too weird and the city didn't even follow it's own rules.

Dave was hit by a penalty because of America going into minus raks, it happened in class. There wasn't much Shion could do past hold him and then try and let Dave pretend he was cool and it hadn't bothered him even though Shion knew it had.

They were paired against each other in the tournament, Shion worried about fighting Dave even though he knew Dave would win. Which he did even though he was using a shop bought weapon and Shion had two fully upgraded Weapons. Dave restarted ASL lessons after that and they had a cute broken signing conversation.

Sir David Strider: Teaches Rap Battles, looks like an older version of Dave.

Dirk Strider: Guy who types in orange. Shion doesn't like him much since he knocked Dave out and he ended up in the infirmary in round 7. Shion told him to stay away from Dave, but it turned out they were roommates. Dave seemed to like him despite the incident. He announced on the network that they were to have a movie night, Shion didn't know what one was. It turned out fiction was made into films and Dirk had some from his and Dave's world.

Dolorosa: Headmistress of Fortitude, much nicer than Day. He spoke to her on the first day, she is from a planet called Alternia. She said she didn't know where they were, how they had got here, why they had been brought here or who was in charge above the mayor. She teaches Alternian history and the world she comes from is unjust and cruel. She was part of a failed revolution, yet she allows the exaclan system because she believes it will lead to peace in the long term. He gave her some cakes for Red Day and she gave him some cookies. He promised to make cherry pie when he regained that memory. He took Louis to her when Louis had issues with sleeping arrangements.

Dunleavy Mallorough: The Mayor of Rakuen.

Flynn Scifo: Student who was tortured by Day for a

Gino Weinberg: He was Aisha's Weapon in Round Three when she beat Shion.

Holy Empire of Britannia: Teaches fencing. She was Dave's Weapon in Round Five.

Ishtar: He spoke to her on the network, she hadn't been able to understand the manual so he helped her. He told her to come by any time she needed help. He saw her in assembly when she was a Player and told her how to find Weapons.

Jade Harley (AU): Dave's friend. She was his weapon in round seven with Shion.

John Egbert: He was Karkat's Weapon in Round Three when Karkat beat Shion. Shion gave him some cakes for Red Day. Dave won him in round eight.

John Peixes: Not John, older than John, a king. Was Dave's Weapon in round eight. Teaches Royal Frivolity and Practical Japery.

Kotaro Mochizuki: Dave beat him in round 7.

Lelouch vi Britannia: They sat next to each other in art class, Shion had no idea what to do.

Lemina Ausa: A girl who doesn't seem to care that much about others. She seemed more worried about losing money then the fact someone had disappeared. She was also rude to Davesprite. Later though they met in the battle arena tower and explored together. She said that the weapons were probably in storage to put in people when they arrived and wondered if they could sell it to Recette. Shion said that it probably belonged to the city in the first place.

Louis: A swan who lives in Fortitude, Shion met him when he was new and took him to Dolorosa, as he couldn't sleep in a bed. He saw him again the next day and checked that he hadn't been too cold after his night in the lake. He teaches music, which Shion isn't very good at.

Merlin: Teaches Introduction to the Healing Arts.

Nanami Yasuri: Head prefect of fortitude, she was the one who told Shion that there were different worlds and the number of worlds was infinite. Teaches gardening. Shion hates her because she killed Dave.

Rebecca Harcourt: They met on the train, they were both confused as she was speaking of countries and cities and other things that don't exist anymore. He told her that only six cities remained. Later in the city they met again, Becca said she wanted to get back to her brother, who she had forgotten the name of. Shion said he had to rescue Safu.

Becca had a very dark view of the world, thinking everything was so hard it wasn't worth fighting. Shion told her he thought it was always worth it, and there was always some light if you looked for it. She didn't agree. They met again in art class and she got upset when Shion touched her shoulder because she was crying. It seemed to be less about the warning penalty they both got and something against touching that she had. She had forgotten how to draw.

In Round 3 they were both Players, they spoke in the Round Change assembly and agreed to gather Weapons and fight each other, just pretend fight so no one got hurt. He gave her some cakes for Red Day.

The plan to fight without harming anyone went a little bit wrong since Becca had forgotten that she was dead, and therefore undead. Shion ended up hurting her and winning even if he had planned to lose. At least Becca wasn't fined though.

In Round Four Becca asked if they could go to the same Player, Shion agreed and they approached their World History teacher Spain. However he was different than before. He thought they were a couple and though he was different he was friendly enough and gave them permissions once they explained what they were.

They both adopted puppies in Round 5 and called them Monster and Mop, at first Becca seemed nervous around the puppies but soon got used to them. On the Saturday before round 6 they held a picnic. With Mop and Monster, though she got upset by Soubi smoking it was a nice day. Yuki came as did Dave. She did have some strange ideas about people with red hair though that made Shion think that her world was one that was very cruel. She teased Shion mercilessly and her and Dave attacked him. They had a long conversation about everything under the sun and then Monster attacked them all with drool. It was cute. She seemed determined to embarrass him though, as she made the troll sex ed teacher think they were dating... Shion almost died of embarrassment, several times.

In Round seven they met in assembly and after discussing who they could ask to be their Player Becca freaked out about Shion's eyes, she showed him a mirror but seeing his appearance made Shion memory-reset. Becca banned him from mirrors. They both end up vowed to Dave.

A day later she died. Just randomly out of the blue. She was ill and then she died and Shion couldn't do anything to save her. He was very upset and when she came back to life he fled. He avoided her until Saturday when he bought her the remainder of her upgrades and went to apologise. She forgave him and there was much hugging and then she attempted to teach him how to draw. He was really bad at it.

They were back to normal and Becca proved it by diving on him in assembly. In Round Nine Shion was a Player and vowed to Becca. They went to buy King John's jewelry back, he used the money King John had given her to buy her a memory. Later that day Becca activated the memory and remembered being hurt by her mum. Shion tried his best to help her. In the tournament Shion outbreaked Becca but lost to Dave. Shion had asked her not to use sacrificial doll but she ignored him.

Recette: Is in charge of Rakette, the exaclan store. She explained a little bit more about exaclan and the game they had to win. She is very nice.

Reimi Hanamori: A fortitude student who posted to the network to ask for friends. She was Dave's Weapon in Round Five

Samuel Henderson: Conquest school nurse, Spain won him in round four. After Becca died Shion talked to him and asked him to teach him. Samuel made him agree that it wasn't his fault Becca died and then agreed to help.

Santana Lopez: Head Prefect of Conquest.

Sis Strider: Dave's sister. She beat him in Round Three. He gave her some cakes for Red Day, she gave him an apple.

Snowman: Angry roommate, she beat Dave up. Shion hates her. She teaches hustling.

Sonic the Hedgehog: They first met on the train, Shion was surprised to see a blue talking hedgehog. Both were confused. They are also roommates. They crashed into each other in town when Sonic was running.

Sora Himoto (OU): At the beginning of round 5 Sora seemed a little confused, but she was still friendly and angry about the punishments that had gone on in Conquest. He saw her again at the beginning of round 6 when she was a player. He helps her with homework sometimes.

Tim: Teaches Film and Theatre.

Yuki Yagizawa: One of Dave's Weapons in Round Two, she got transferred to Marisa. She came to Shion and Becca's picnic, she was really nice and as horrified as Shion at Becca's ideas about redhaired people.

Yuri Lowell: He taught Bar Fighting, Shion is really bad at this class. They spoke at the sleepover, Yuri had made lots of food but wasn't planning to stay. Shion convinced him otherwise.

Zero: He put up posters about how they should work together to escape. Though Shion wondered at some of the phrasing he agreed with the concept.

(Edited: IC Wednesday of Round 9)
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